TUBITAK 4007 – Science Festivals Support Program

Purpose of the Call

4007 numbered Science Festivals Support Program – aims at comprehension of the interaction between the science and technology, the accession of the scientific knowledge to the participants, more wide-spread popularization of science culture and communication among the society.

Scope of the Call

The scope of this call is the activities comprising interactive applications which make participants attain scientific thinking skills and which help them develop positive point of view for the scientific knowledge and the scientist; in the fields listed below under the headline “Call Fields”.

Call Fields

By the indicating in the application system, projects can be submitted in the below-stated call fields:

  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology Fields
  • Medical Sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Social Sciences and the Humanities

The Target Group and the Activities

  • The projects can be prepared for different age and education levels of the society.
  • The project proposal must include one or a few of the activity types or the methods indicated below, by taking the age group and education levels of the target group into consideration.


  • Enhanced virtual reality applications
  • Online interactions and applications
  • E-learning applications
  • Observation
  • The activities, the content of which are gained through games (for example: nature, science games)
  • Collaborative group games
  • Game-based applications
  • Field studies
  • Conversation, seminar, panel etc.
  • Competitions
  • Workshops
  • Experimental applications
  • Interactive applications
  • Science applications focusing on calculation
  • The activities, the content of which are gained through artistic activities
  • Mobile applications
  • Assessment and evaluation activities
  • Exhibition and demonstrations
  • Sportive activities